We’re a dynamic group of scientists, engineers, and problem solvers.

Why We’re Doing This

At Lightmatter, we aim to accelerate human advancement through computing.

Progress in many fields is inextricably linked to the continued advancement of computational power. And while computational power has grown exponentially for decades, fundamental limits to continued scaling threaten to slow progress.

Academic & Industry Credentials

  • Our team members publish in top journals including Nature, Science, Physical Review Letters, ISSCC, ISCA, and more
  • Our team members have contributed to 100+ patents
  • Matriculated at MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, Carnegie-Mellon, Purdue, University of Cambridge, University of Washington, Georgetown, and more
  • Contributed to black hole simulation software for Academy Award winning movie Interstellar
  • Contributed to or led 98 CPU/SOC unique tapeouts
  • Contributed to or led 20 photonics tapeouts

Our Values

Work wide and parallel

Working on hard problems, we have to go down many different paths quickly to find the right one.

Let first principles guide you

Stand behind statements that you know are true and build something amazing.

Be kind

Help build the environment you want to work in.

Question everything

People have opinions about what things work and what things don’t work. They’re not always right.

Don’t be defined by your job title

Many great ideas occur at the boundaries between disciplines.

Take responsibility for your work

Everyone’s contributions are critical to the company’s success.


HQ: Boston, MA

In the heart of Boston near the historic Faneuil Hall—minutes from all transportation hubs and an elevator ride away from some of the best restaurants.

Mountain View, CA

In the heart of Silicon Valley, home to a few small startups you may have heard of.


Fully-Covered Medical Insurance

Receive fully-covered medical plans from top healthcare providers.


Save for your future.


Learn from your peers and teach them what you know across electronics, photonics, machine learning, and more.

Time Off

Find inspiration away from work with a generous vacation policy and holidays.

Commuter Benefit

Put pre-tax dollars towards your daily commute.

Happy Hour

Spend time together and build friendships.

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